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Technology / Profitability / Comfort


Technology / Profitability / Comfort


MAKS 2015

ATR is taking part in MAKS (International Aviation and Space Salon) Exhibition 2015, which is held in Moscow, Russia, from 25 August to 30 August. Taking place every second year at Ramenskoye Airport near Moscow, MAKS remains one of the world's largest aviation forums! The very idea of the (...)

Press Release

Update 2: ATR statement on Trigana Air (...)

The ATR Go-Team of technical advisers is on its way to Jakarta to provide full assistance to the French aviation investigation agency, BEA (Bureau d'Enquêtes et (...)


Amakusa Airlines introduces first ATR (...)

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About ATR


Toulouse, Southern France based turboprop aircraft manufacturer ATR is the world leader in the market for regional aircraft up to 90 seats. Established in November 1981, ATR is a joint partnership between the Airbus Group and the Italian Company Alenia Aermacchi (a Finmeccanica company).

ATR has sold more than 1,500 aircraft and has over 190 operators in more than 90 countries.

Every 8 seconds, an ATR turboprop takes off or lands somewhere around the world.



600 Series


The ATR -600 Series takes advantage of the latest innovations in the cockpit technology with simplified, integrated LCD advanced functions, enhancing safety, improved handling for pilots, in addition to maintenance cost saving and significant weight reduction.

New technological innovations are being incorporated in the ATR-600 Series to further enhance the feeling of space, comfort and the pleasure of flying. The ATR 72-600 benefits from the widest cabin in the turboprop market, with the new Armonia cabin, new ergonomic design for greater comfort, new seats and wider overhead bins with 30% more roller bags stowage.

Equipped with 2 engines PW 127M, the ATR 72-600 features enhanced performance on "hot and high" conditions with the "boost" option. In addition, with the RTO (Reserve Take-Off) option, the aircraft can increase take-off weight and payload up to 1,000 Kg (2,000 lbs) on challenging airports with very short runways. The ATR 72-600 is the lowest seat per mile cost aircraft on the 70 seat segment, thanks to significantly lower fuel and maintenance costs compared to its competitors.

For more information about the -600 series, have a look at our ATR-600 series Brochure!

600 Series


The ATR 72 is recognized as the most cost-effective regional aircraft, positioning it as the industry reference to serve both low-cost/low yields environment. A range of improvements in the field of noise and vibration reduction has been implemented namely:

  • An efficient and technologically advanced acoustic treatment of the structure with the installation of Dynamic Vibration Absorbers and skin damping.
  • Cabin interiors engineered for maximum noise attenuation and optimum comfort,

through advanced materials and absorbent panels and carpets and additional overhead bins including handrail to facilitate passengers and crew movement along the cabin.

Powered by PW 127 engines, the ATR 72-500 provides outstanding short field performance for an aircraft of this size, even on difficult "hot and high" airfields.

For more information about the -500 series, have a look at our ATR-500 series Brochure!

600 Series

First generation

The ATR 72 is derived from the ATR 42 with a 4.5 m stretched fuselage. The two aircraft feature a high degree of commonality: the same cross section, the same cockpit for cross-crew qualification. Offering a standard capacity of 66 seats, the ATR 72-200 is equipped with two PW124B engines, rated at 2,400 SHP each. The derivative version of the basic ATR 72, the ATR 72-210 is equipped with two higher power 2,750 SHP PW127 engines.

Main characteristics of the -210 version are excellent "hot & high" and short field capabilities. It also features enhancements to cabin comfort particularly in terms of advanced internal noise treatment and superior cabin air conditioning. A leader in its market segment, the ATR 72 has won hundred orders worldwide and achieves an in-service dispatch reliability largely exceeding 99 %.

For more information have a look at our Brochure!

600 Series


First ATR 72 Freighter delivery took place in July 2002 for the Swiss company Farnair. It was followed by the first ATR 42 with Large Cargo Door delivery to Northern Air Cargo. By December 2010, less than 8 years later, some 90 ATR passenger to freighter conversions had been performed ; regional or feeder operators are spread worldwide.

Market Trends ATR Freighter appeal is explained by the specific conditions that drive cargo market:

  • Global cargo market growth approaching 5% per year.
  • Express parcels fastest growing segment, boosted by e-commerce : > 20% yearly growth.
  • Increasing demand for modules of ATR size as feeders for large integrators (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.).
  • Ageing cargo fleet in this category.
  • Excellent ATR characteristics allowing LD3 containers and 88” width pallet accommodation with Large Cargo Door.
  • Growing availability of ATR a/c on the 2nd hand market at prices consistent with cargo market requirements.

For more information, have a look at our Freighter versions Brochure!




Full Spectrum Support

ATR offers a full spectrum of support to its customers, including used aircraft sales and leasing, maintenance, modifications, spare parts sales, material management, fleet enhancements and modifications, and engineering services.

In addition, ATR offers flight operations support for airline flight operations, including information-management solutions and a global training network, as well as flight technical publications, such as flight manuals, dispatch deviation guides, equipment lists, and other related documents.

ATR has developed innovative and competitive support solutions to complement Operators' own capabilities, meeting various requirements and providing a cost-effective level of service for ”off-aircraft” and ”on-aircraft” maintenance. All the basic support services meet the highest professional standards, including:g

  • Dedicated AOG services
  • Round-the-clock technical support
  • Enhanced spares logistics and support
  • On-going product evolution via service bulletins development
  • State-of-the-art training programs and technical publication services
  • Global service packages

The new partnerships and cooperation programs with vendors and repair stations enable ATR to offer an even more comprehensive range of services to assist regional airlines in operating their ATR aircraft, reconciling revenue and cost targets.


The new customer service portal

ATR is pleased to announce the official launch of ATRactive, the new Customer Services Portal.

The new portal extends a variety of new web services, better adapted to today's requirements. At the same time it affords a more informative, more intuitive and more interactive tool. As a proprietary portal, it will be managed by ATR and monitored for potential useful developments.

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